Management Commitee

Management Committee


Katherine Wilson

Katherine has many years of experience in executive roles in financial services. She is a qualified accountant, and she is a member of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, which provides advice and challenge to the UK regulators on topics of interest to consumers. Katherine brings a broad set of business skills and knowledge of the regulatory environment to the Board.


Shabnam Sharmin

Shabnam trained with and worked for Island Advice Centre before working for the Citizens Advice Bureau as a Debt Adviser. She understands debt issues faced by clients and is experienced in case management.

Committee Member

Chris Parsons

Chris works for a local advice agency and is an experienced advice supervisor. He brings management, staffing and advocacy skills to the organisation.

Committee Member

Steve Lake

Steve has been an active member of the local community for many years and brings experience and knowledge of the voluntary sector. He has worked in various charities, housing associations and the Council. Steve is a retired council officer who worked within the Trading Standards service for 35 years. He has experience in civil advocacy, project management, IT development and finance.

Committee Member

Thomas Siggers

Thomas is a solicitor with a large City firm with a commitment to pro bono activities. He brings business skills and perspective to the Board.

Committee Member

Cathy Weir

Cathy has an extensive understanding of the local community and lived in experience.