Fastboot requires unlocking, flashmode doesn't. Privacy Policy. Trust me, break out the Netgear and use it. No throttle untill I reset my phone back to the factory reset. I may return it and go back to my Phone hotspot. Having access to unlimited high speed internet has been amazing. Thank you for the info. Im going to note here Ive been using T-Mobiles Unlimited data plan ($150 monthly for 4 lines, unlimited everything) for 1 year. There is a comment before my last one awaiting moderation. -2) ddwrt bridge router or laptop/desktop w ttl mod 0 . The issue was easily worked around on my desktop PC- set TTL from default 64 to 65, and viola! There are also a small amount of wired versions but are extremely hard to find when needed. Scroll to top. I swear, I tried to help you guys but you guys just do t get how your methods are screwing the network and even more so your selfs. Off to look for cheap routers. Unless if something has changed, and I see no reason to change it as we arent really doing a security work around. If I enter adb shell lower case it says error: device not found null no idea why its not working. This seemed to happen in my cases in the past. Look at your current sons and use the same one that is for mobile web for the hotspot. Additionally carrier branded cellular tethering apps bypass apns and will detect tethering. Why would a VPN hide your data usage? i have updated /etc/sysctl.conf with line net.ipv4.ip_default_ttl = 65 and still counting data on mymetro app, until mymetro broke and i cannot see my account info any longer. ill try to remember this site and come back later but look into my info folks. You all have made a big difference in my life. my latency is around 45ms, but its not like I could hope for better in North Florida anyhow, even at my sisters house with a good 350Mb p/s the latency is around 50ms, i play a ton of bf1 with no issues, but Ive never played on anything lower latency as far as i know other then lan parties. S I've done this for ever and it's not going to be restricted to who you have but it will 100 percent get around any data throttling. Im really guessing on the numbers because its been a minute and all of my phones say 100.x.x now so I dont risk a higher version over writing it. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Any help would be great. Google n XDA are best sources for LG phone rooting info. Enable USB Debugging on your phone/tablet. For anyone else searching: iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING 1 -j TTL --ttl-set 65. it is just a guess. Sorry I cant be more specific, I didnt takenotes while working on it and i havent touched it (aside from occasional reboots) in ~a year. crafty phone companies. O. Ozzmodiar Guest. Also your comment on being on a custom rom, I am on a custom rom, do you mean i should flash an aosp rom, the rom I am on is touchwiz based. TTL is a value in data packet of Internet Protocol. that happened after the last update. Then go back to the CUSTOM TTL SETTINGS and DISABLE and SAVE & APPLY. I made a test again on my Windows 10 Enterprise machine and ping this machine. Get a free OPPO Find N2 Flip when you become a product ambassador. Hope this bit of info helps. iptables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -j TTL ttl-set 65. next copy this to give it run/write permissions when booting up.. next type in command reboot and enter.. after reboot, go into your phones settings and enable usb tethering, and youre done. Hi everyone, there is something I'm doing wrong, I used TTL 65 with almost every company down here where I live, however there is just one company that this trick doesn't work(Digicel), I have tested almost every number from 60 up to 119 and they still know I'm tethering. iptables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -i `nvram get wan0_ifname` -j TTL ttl-set 10 Im on a sprint unlimited LTE plan with 10 gig hotspot .Im wondering if I can bluetooth tether to my desktop pc and hide it . Have a nice day. Step 3: Change TTL values The Edit Records pop-up window should now be open. Please try to change with different values to have a check. I am not throttled on my linux machine and two ipads. Step 7 at above link is no longer possible with the patch apple did a long time ago. They are not available to edit on the iPhone. Using OpenWRT firmware like GoldenOrb or WiFix. Metro 50 is nice but you dont get over 480p even tethered, otherwise metro 60. my phone is MetroPCS and its not rooted and its locked and still working, wow PdaNet works now. This will cause the signing to become invalid and because it will be on a no. Mildew What pinging tests do you recommend? I am personally intrigued by your situation and your numbers. For T-Mobile anyway they text me a warning with over 50gb of data use (phone use or not) and "can" throttle me during peak hrs/congestion (I have noticed what might be throttling but is more likely congestion 5-9pm on weeknights). Getting decent speeds requires an additional $15 add-on for 4G tethering and has a data cap set at 5GB per month. So basically this was a year ago and I forgot however, the good news is you prompted me to check out my settings on my router and this line wasnt there. Thats mostly directed @flex. After going thru my 15GB in a week while camping, Verizon throttled my hotspot to 600Kbpswhich might as well be them turning off the function. Mildew, you sound like a smart fella, and your input is appreciated, the SE is funny and is like a 6 with a 5 body. Not. Cant remember pwn24k has access. The phone is locked but Im not sure that matters. I reset the router before I did the above. Tried different apps, and nothing is working consistently. Still cant get the USB Tether directly into the USB port of my Asus router. I am already subscribed to ExpressVPN, for example. a user agent switcher doesnt really help much anymore, if you tried it via command prompt go back and check the registry settings to make sure it stuck, for some reason it doesnt always apply, -i would recommend that you use a custom rom. It seems that the cell providers dont care too much unless it interferes with the deprioritization they already have in place. Custom rules is bug, Type settings put global tether_dun_required 0 and press enter. (global_tether_dun=0 and the like). 40mhz wide for the 2.4ghz, i have tomato installed and was able to up the TX power and am using channel 13(not really legal in the us) so i get good coverage covers the 100ft radius i need and anything that need really good bandwidth i have Hardlined fro. Thanks for the quick reply. Now go back to the CUSTOM RULES page and paste the two TTL lines you copied. Zach I can offer my input on Question #2 although it wont be a complete answer. I called Ting and they investigated it and said Sprint had blocked the phone from being able to tether . Ive noticed when I enable the OpenVPN Client service on the router, I must reboot the router. Archived post. No one cares if you believed it was a good idea to buy a MS powered mobile device, as companies look for the biggest shares, like the billions of devices running android, not the 5 using windows.. If I can fly under their radar using 300 GB monthly for all my devices, it still beats a 30GB limit. 1. I did pull it and it is in nano. New. With VPN on, if I try to use Netflix, it hangs up. So Im using iOS 10.3.3, Windows 10 and Metro 50 plan. Again, make sure you're running CMD as administrator. I also tried the tmobile higher 28.4 ipcc, renamed it to the metro file name format and still nothing. All about 80 Gigs last month. Could you enter recovery (the screen that lets you wipe stuff and re-flash) at all? Any recommendation on what to try besides PDAnet, to avoid the issue? I have one for each. Now on the Hotstpot I get 10 gig of LTE speed which gets throttled to 2G/3G after the 10 gigs . Thanks, pdanet does that, its running a shell to convert the custom usb driver to a standard Ethernet interface. Quick question of curiosity though. Now I have 3 routers, one for home, 1 for work to share w my workers, 1 in my RV to share w my teenage kids. If I where to recommend a set up , I would have to say go for the the Netgear Nighthawk r7000 and flash it with the latest Kong build of dd-wrt. -As I stated before; with the way a VPN works, to my knowledge, you HAVE to run the VPN on the phone.-. I dont recommend it personally as it uses a lot of overhead on the phone its self and then also some on the device tethered. I shall now convey to him, in mind-boggling, lickety-split fashion (sorry; Im a metrics freak, yknow), my devoted gratitude for the authors advice. Im still getting spotted as Tmobile ip address (but not throttled). PDANet worked really well when tethered to our desktop. Also, nothing has to be done with the phone first? had to switch usb option on phone to charging only. If the file is still there just delete it OR edit the apn and it will make it invalid and it cant use it. [GUIDE] Increase your Nexus 4's system partition for more space! Now obviously the ttl value is different and I understand that you add one to 64 for every connection between your device accessing the web and your phone. As far as the 1 in my line, it sets the order of precidence. I was under the impression that android tethers cannot occur within the VPN tunnel. That might help with resolving this important last step on a non JB. Actually you can always just use the Phoenix jailbreak. That are still tracking but it only flags yellow for certain sites. It can use the AT command set the . This feature was previously free and only required activation with the My T-Mobile account settings. Ok. I even have tasker automatically connect/disconnect the vpn when I enable/disable my hotspot. T-Mobiles new standard all-unlimited talk, text, and data plan is called T-Mobile One. Didnt work for me. I use the one for Arch Linux. I don't have any tethering mods, only the Magisk modules listed. Navigate to Network Firewall Custom Rules. If you ever do go jailbroken or if you are on a 6 or newer you can use the VoLTE and your internet wont drop for calls. I wouldnt say that there is no way around that but you would just end up stripping it down into Windows server; at that point you might as well have just installed Ubuntu server and modded it a lil. Tell me what I need to do and I will do the legwork to get it. I've never been throttled for going over my cellular data, only hotspot. For example, if I try to input your code into my router, I get the following: Have a good day. I'm going to have to dig a little deeper. I have done NO MODS AT ALL to phone. Token expire. Is this intentional? Glad it is working well for you. I also bought the app pdanet but nothing. Im gone. Will report back. For more information, please see our First we get the ability to push/overwrite the current bundle. Like I said before my bundles arent signatures arent valid but it may come to something like that to break yours but before we get crazy. And the whole flashmode just wasn't working from start, although it should be. We do that when we need to use our desktop. Dengan menggunakan MikroTik kita bisa membatasi koneksi dari client. XDA people ran out of idea.Just about to give up. I cant remember if you were using a outer or router but as long as you could set it up on the router/puter that is an option of resort. I know cause these are what worked for me. Now obviously the ttl value is different and I understand that you add one to 64 for every connection between your device accessing the web and your phone. Would you kindly explain what you are trying to achieve / why you want to change the TTL? Depends on the method sprint uses. The most data Ive used on a single line in a month was around 160GB. I dont know enough to write it myself and I havent the time right now to study into it. It has to dO with the sites setup. After tweaking the registry you need to restart the system. Jay It is capable of shuttling hundreds of megabits per second and it is efficient. Should I be worried? modprobe xt_HL Either way, I will be doing this sometime soon myself after ios11 roles out in like an hour. Apabila kita ingin menyebarkan lagi koneksi yang didapat, maka hal tersebut tidak bisa dilakukan. Ive been reading the news and how theyre planning on dropping Internet privacy laws, so now would certainly be a good time to get started with that. I tried using PdaNet, but I dont have iTunes, and it takes so long to download with this kind of internet speed. 64 vs 65 setting I believe. The app only works if the kernel supports this parameter. I have a script file here: nano /jffs/scripts/nat-start. Apple patched it so if you edit the carrier bundle that it will break the signature and ignore it. I have done this, and the only issue Ive had is in reverse order (due to icmp icmpv6) but Im a little lost on the hotspot part and how it pertains to masking data from the carrier. So heres the issue: Im getting a black shell terminal window flashing on and off a few minutes after I open my browser everytime. Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System: Built-in with the Godox 2.4G wireless X system, the V860III ensures a reliable shooting process with seamless . Or should the number NOT be rising on my device at all? Changed TTL to 65 and confirmed change. Mildew You are correct. Unless that is piping up then Im sure that you are using the newest one that you can use unedited. For the majority of users speeds from Tmobile is soft throttled after 30 GB. Do you think there's chance it will work if value set on boot? The solution has fucking killed me. Sila ikut satu persatu tanpa skip step yang ditunjukkan. Security > Firewall SPI Firewall > ENABLED Next go to, Administration > Commands Put in the commands below and Save Firewall and then run the command iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o `get_wanface` -j TTL --ttl-set 65 Sidechula Smarter people than me figured out a work-around and shared it here. at Helps a lot. I suggest you start a new account and do it right this time. He oft complains about, lousy rural internet, out here where I live among cows. (He is currently enjoying, by my clocking, ~6Mbps, whilst I had been so-called communicating with him at my 262 kbps. by DDK65JAG Sun Aug 29, 2021 2:20 pm, Post T-Mobile and AT&T have pretty good coverage where I am (I have a cell amplifier as well) and the above discussion re: bypassing any hard/soft data limits is right up my alley. Just a side note. As it is way out in the country, I can not get inter unless I pay 80$ a month for HughesNet, was supposed to get dsl but it was one of those O YES WE WILL RUN IT BY YOUR HOUSE REALLY SOON15 years ago. They play nice with each other. I have a question: why you are looking on TTL of ICMP __REPLY__? It takes more though on caged is because there are so little options. But not flashing. I noticed that right away. So don't be afraid to try different things. hopefully I will figure it out. Jay that is awesome! Really g2g I did a manual update of the driver. I was on ting . Thats why jio. Any suggestions ? At home on the same tower, no issues so far. Do the data equivalent of driving 5 MPH over the speed limit. iptables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -i `get_wanface` -j TTL ttl-set 10 Dont even get me started on the great uses of local Dns and proxies that can keep you from having to even send out as much data in the first place. This has been my setup for four years now: Dd-wrt with iptables to edit the ttl value to 65 That is 1G of tethering and unlimited Mobil data. My question is, is there anyway I can stop them cutting it off all together? Any advice would be much appreciated, and although I want to get as fast a link as possible Ill be happy if the ps4 will connect at any speed , as sony wont let me play any games or use any apps unless I have a connection of some sort to their servers Thanks D. My bad, Tom M. I meant to write mobile DATA. Changing TTL on DD-WRT is simple. I have a Galaxy J3 . With the sever Im doing most of the processing and routing Before the modem you are thinking strait speed but continuously seem to forget strain on device and other variables. Since you said you make your own bundles, perhaps you could just upload one to google drive and post it here. If you're just using the data on your laptop/computer, use the following commands in the CMD window: netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=65, netsh int ipv6 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=65. Then I see: doha_n:/ $ My hotspot have been working well for the last few months on my Nexus 5x,plus Asus n31u router (w/ net.ipv4.ip_default_ttl = 65, bridge mod). So this worked for me, and everything that I do on my Windows 10 Surface Pro is using the TTL value of 64. However, cant change APN settings. adb said it was unsecured. Cara Buat Unlimited Data Hotspot. No warnings, no speed cuts. Please help me hide it somebody!,,,,, Step by Step guides on rooting / un-rooting the T-mobile LG V10 for MM 6.0, [How To] [mod] [root] WiFi fix for slow / intermittent connection, Flash Xiaomi Qin F22 pro (stock firmware with Google Play , with and without ROOT), [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][13] LineageOS 20.0 for LG V30 (joan/h932), LG V30 ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Developm, Optimized LineageOS19.1 v8.3 [28Feb/2023], Galaxy S 4 i9505 Original Android Development. So a regular one-hour episode of something debiting less than 5GB from your allotment is no big deal. I never get much more then 30Mb/s myself because im on metropcs. C:\Windows\system32>netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=100 Im pretty sure its all in the comments I wrote. You're going to be entering a command to change your TTL. The only other thing I notice is two hyphens (instead of one) before the ttl-set 65. I was reading recently about DPI and someone manage to bypass the restriction using something like VDS, I couldn't read more because it was in Russian and google translate messed up the translation TTL Settings - Throttling, Tethering and Hotspot Usage, LTE FIX- The Wireless Haven Online Store, WiFi and Cellular 'Plug and Play' Routers, Buy & Sell Used Cellular Internet Equipment, Cellular Frequency and Bands Used by Carriers, Customized ROOter Firmware for Routers, Nighthawks MR1100 - MR5200 (M1M5), TTL Settings - Throttling, Tethering and Hotspot Usage, Netflix 4K slurps down so much data, I would be nervous a manual review might be tripped. I just need to find a cheap router to load one of the open firmwares to it, any suggestions? Just open up a administrator command prompt and paste in netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=65(without the quotation marks) and restart the computer, this is functionally equivalent to his instructions since all it does is add a registry enrty into the same place you would if done manually.
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