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Over time Christina fell in love with the area and was quite pleased that the family had more time to spend together without the long daily, commute. David desperately tries to lure Bill out the door into open concept space while Hilary renews their home and hopefully hearts to stay. Hilary must create a space for the kids hockey-related activities and David must find a home with a lot large enough to accommodate a hockey rink. This is where toughness combines with great looks. For Martine and Eddie- Love it or List It`s consummate contractor, a potential filled home has become a huge headache. For Jennifer, the house still feels like a bachelor pad and just doesnt work for their family of five. 'Love It or List It' cast and characters Hilary Farr. With their two youngest girls having to share a bedroom, Andrew and Julie constantly deal with disruptions. With limited budgets and long lists, both Hilary and David are duking it out to please this particular pair. But Parveen is not convinced that renovations will make this house what she needs it to be. Its cluttered, has a tiny, inefficient kitchen, and an unfinished basement. He loves their cozy townhouse while his wife, Carla believes their familys future should include relocating to a much larger house! It was bursting with charm and character but was very small, particularly for Gerards 64 stature. 19 seasons. Realtor David will work to find them a home that combines the space Matt needs to breathe with the charm artist Marci is so inspired by. Own a house in Vancouver. With three kids in their teens and tweens, the family is constantly on top of one other. more. Currently in Season 16, Love It or List It continues to attract already existing fans and viewers relatively new to the cut-throat competition Hilary and David find themselves in . Despite taking 27 years to realize their dream of home-ownership, Doug and Ellie rushed into their house overlooking its total lack of function. Rod is dodging toys in his basement office space and Jennifer would love the ability to relax in her old and tired en suite bathtub at the end of a hectic day. John and Rebecca rushed blindly to buy a house just in time to start a family. The kitchen is the biggest issueacting as the main entry point for the home theres an overflow of hats, shoes and coats cluttering what little space the kitchen has. Lyndi and Les love where they live and the life they live with their three children, however Les has fallen out of love with their house and feels they have outgrown it. While she admits the home is a bit dated, she loves the amazing views and abundant outdoor space for their animals, daughters and guests. When Kelly and Colin first purchased their 1200 square foot urban home, it was in the right place at the right time, but 9 years and 3 kids later, Colins opinion of compact, busy urban living has changed prompting the battle of city versus suburb. The young couple has welcomed a new baby into their house and Stephanies Dad has moved in for good. Will Hilary be able to create a spacious kitchen and a private bedroom for these lovebirds or can David inspire the Doudelets to leave their less that perfect home behind? Planning for a third child soon, the McGeachies dread the thought of co-habiting in a house where the only full bathroom is an en suite. Karin cant see blending both in their current home but Jason sees a future here. Can Hilary do enough to appease this divided family to stay or will David unite them in new space that brings business and pleasure together. Then along came Lorraine. Their two daughters have started pleading for their own bedrooms, and the basement has been an albatross around their neck for seven years, as continuous construction problems kept them from creating the space they so desperately need. Hilary and David battle the clock to please a conflicted couple expecting their first baby. Niru loves her house and enjoys her urban lifestyle, but Alok feels they need to move closer to the suburbs where his family participates in cultural activities. Now Hilary and David are tasked with pleasing this picky pair with the residence that will help them retire right. With the arrival of their daughter, Carla felt the walls of their cramped townhouse closing in and believes that there is nowhere to grow, but out! Cole thinks it will never be able to function for large groups or a future family, whereas Ashley is relieved to finally have a home and is certain that with a few renovations the house can be perfect. Thomas loves the location but Sarah feels that the, cramped quarters confine her. After two years, life dedicated to his masterful work on the show has left Eddie with little time to complete the mountain of must haves needed to transform their cramped quarters into the open oasis Martine deserves. But Kim is a fighter, and believes theyve come this far to give up now would be admitting failure. Unlike some of the other series that are set in Canada or the Bahamas, Love It Or List It actually takes place in a charming city you really could move to today. To be eligible for the show in Canada, you'll need to own a house that's an hour away from Vancouver. LaShawn is desperate for a home with more spaceand better function for her family; Lola, however, has no plans of uprooting again, after having just moved in. Or will David find a way to give them space without sacrificing their dearly loved location? Can Hilary transform their homestead? Can Hilary make Geoff love it again? Or will David set them up in a smaller, more maintainable house that will let them both enjoy their golden years? She wants a more open concept but out in the, country. Or will David lure Jay to a whole new location with an entirely different lifestyle? LOVE IT! Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are handing over the presenting reins to Scarlette Douglas and her brother Stuart for a special edition of Love It or List . . After buying this massive, but dated house, Josh believed they could fix it up and make it an incredible place for the whole family for decades to come. They loved the beautiful, large lot, the three-car garage and how private the house felt despite its close proximity to downtown, Susanne and Brian bought their home nearly ten years ago before they had a family. David must find an affordable home that keeps the homeowners close to the city, while Hilary must manage a kitchen renovation while creating dedicated spaces for in-laws and kids. The layout has the Pliskats living in essentially half the house, and leaves Hilary with a big job. Their family home on a more-than-five-acres horse farm is a dream for this horse lover but her city-raised husband has had all he can take. ft. house. A few days after Deena and Sully filed their lawsuit, Big Coat TV countered with a lawsuit of its own, claiming the couple was knowingly spreading inaccurate information in order to damage the company's reputation. However, Julie feels she has the short end of the stick with the main floor and basement as her space; there is no proper bedroom on the main floor so she must sleep in the noisy, dark basement where her bathroom is also located. Before Andrew and Julie Mitchell bought their current home, they lived across the street for seven years. David's insider perspective on the real estate market helps target listings to . Andrea and Brian have a lovely young family and plan to add another baby right away Unfortunately they have clearly outgrown their small home, and Andrea has had enough of Brians renovations to make it better. After two years at the house they welcomed daughter Avery and then son Oliver. Buying a larger home in their area, the Shavers quick decision has led to disputes over space, layout, and character. Michael wants to downsize and find another home while Jeffery feels they have all the space they need and wants to stay put. Steven had a 5 year plan to make this their dream home, but 7 years later, nothings been done. Can David convince Dan to ditch his beloved neighbourhood in favor of suburban space? Now Hilary and David will battle it out to deliver the safe, stunning stress free home this conflicted couple deserves. Healthy Start . Knowing they need more space to accommodate their ever growing creative ventures, guests and office needs, this couple finds themselves at a crossroads. After four years of trying to navigate their way through their maze of a house, Nancy and Andrew feel their diamond in the rough has lost most of its shine. The original farmhouse style kitchen is beginning to show its age with both cosmetic wear and tear and a layout that that doesnt suit a modern familys needs. David searches high and low to find a neighborhood gem to convince Chris out the door while Hilary redesigns the home to be a better fit for Mary. Mary-Jo and Glen are at odds over their 1930s farm house. Over the years however, very little has been done, High school sweethearts, Sharne and Albert purchased a starter home near their beloved bike trail. They renovated and built multiple additions to the house as their family grew, but after three children it seems their efforts were not enough, Jon grew up in a house on 100 acres while Anjelica always lived in houses with smaller lots and close to her neighbors. Love It or List Itis back!The HGTV fan favorite returned for its 15th season in November 2019, and it came back in a big way: The show earned its highest ratings ever for its 201st episode Dec. 30 . 43 min 12/8/2014 $2.99. David tries to blend these opposite needs in a new house while Hilary tries to modernize their century home into a more functional space. Or will David show them just how much space their money can buy? Will Hilary be able to create another bathroom on the already crowded second floor to convince the McGeachies to stay, or will David persuade them to move into a home with the modern conveniences this growing family needs? Now Brian feels the view is not enough to keep his family in this shoe box. Can Hilary transform their basement into bright, functional, family sized spaces or will David whisk them away to a home with more than just views? Angelo feels its time for a more spacious home that can handle a larger family. Dave and Wendie thought they had lucked out when a depressed real estate market allowed them to purchase their 2200 square foot home in an affluent suburban neighborhood. When Hilary and David are brought in theyll have to scale the mountain of mess and find this family a clutter free future. Shortly after, he met Sharon and his life changed. After the completion of the top two floors, work came to a halt as Gregs father suddenly passed away. Or can David find the layout that will add up to easy living for all? Renovating and looking for a house cannot be formulaic, yet 'Love It or List It' makes it so. Determined to give this couple the space they so desperately need, Hilary and David battle it out to re-unite this couple through a residential Renaissance. After adopting their teenage daughter, Carmen, they felt as though their house may be a little too small for a family of four. The lack of access to their huge backyard, along with their tiny, closed off kitchen creates a constant source of anxiety. Jessica found her forever home and went into a bidding war to secure the charming 1985 home, only blocks from downtown. Will David find them a functioning, home without the to do list or will Hilary make them fall in love all over again by. Rory and Jess are living the downtown dream. "Love It or List It" has recently returned to HGTV for its 18th seasonand the competition brewing between its stars is more intense than ever.. On the show, real estate agent David Visentin . Sachi and Cam purchased their lakeside home sight unseen while living on the other side of the continent. Glen loves the country, while Mary-Jo wants modern amenities. Helen and her four teens run a home business thats taking over all their space. Farr has also lived in Australia, England . However, with Jamies mother frequently staying over minding Iain, and baby number two the way, its clear that the Thomsons are running out of space fast. The show is hosted by Toronto -based interior designer Hilary Farr and Southern Ontario native, David Visentin, a real estate agent. When a young couple invites a parent to join them in their dysfunctional fixer-upper, the need for Hilary and David to work their magic becomes immediate! But now with the kids and the business growing fast, Victoria and Scott are beginning to feel theyre growing out of their dream home. Lauren however, immediately starting suffering from buyer's remorse. But 8 years later, the strange layout of the house is at war with the familys needs, in large part due to the discovery that their eldest daughter has epilepsy. YJ wants to trade the never-ending renos and space issues for a house with the finished space her family deserves; while Michael is ready to do whatever it takes . Can Hilary reconfigure the main floor provide some breathing room for their family, or will the Singhs leave their crowded quarters behind? Can Hilary wipe the slate clean and create a master bedroom and renovated basement that could win Kristas heart? Professors Dwayne and Hong-An bought this century old home in their twenties. Hilary and David compete for the affections of homeowners deciding whether to renovate or move. After 30 years of raising their kids in their 2200 square foot suburban home, the walls are closing in around Irene while husband Marcos believes it can be fixed to accommodate their multi-generational family. Fast forward 12 years and add two adolescent kids into the mix and the Challengers living situation has become, well, challenging! Now the battle has found its way to Hilary and David who have their work cut out for them, scaling unrealistic expectations at home and a fear of relocation abroad, on their quest to unite this family under one mutually agreed upon roof. Four years ago Derek and Andie McGeachie were looking for a home to start a family. Hilary tries to bring Rahuls vision to life while David tries to satisfy a new home vision. Now that they are expecting a second child, they have a need for more space, but do not want to compromise on location. For Rachel and Stephane, having two kids in four years has rendered their home problematic. Can Hilary finally fix the decades of decay and return this home to its former glory? Marc purchased his bachelor pad on a wooded, 5-acre lot nearly 16 years ago. 10 Sep 2021. They found a well-priced house on an acre plus lot, in an established neighbourhood close to downtown and bought it right away. Or will designer Hilary make daily life immeasurably easier by reinventing many of the homes hotly debated spaces? A confusing kitchen layout, dysfunctional main bathroom and closets, and a lack of a private office space for her, had her regretting the purchase. Episode 50127: YJ & Michael. So dismayed with his pressured purchase, Joe hasnt even unpacked and less than a year after taking possession, Joe wants out. They compromised when they found their fixer upper on 1.5 acres of land, Archie and Rhiannon spend a lot of time at home and love their location, but they are fed up with the lack of function in their 1,200 sq. With a growing family Allison needs more space, while Chris is attached to his hood. Their love affair with their house started almost immediately. At the time the house felt massive but now that their daughters are teenagers and Amandas career has taken off, the house no longer works. The question is, will Hillary be able to convert this former bachelor pad into a fully functioning home for Jennifer or will David find the perfect home that finally will convince Rod its time to go. Can Hilary open up the cramped main floor to create a condo-esque aesthetic for Joe? His house is a triplex with tenants and needs to be converted to a family home. Helen and Andrew Yee have lived in their large suburban home for 15 years. Can Hilary fix their crumbling suburban cottage? Greg however is not ready to part with all his fathers hard work. Andrew is certain that the unfinished space in the basement can be transformed, while Anna Wade sees far too many functional issues on the main levels. Jamey and Leah love their neighbourhood and their family home so much they purchased it, twice! And their son and a daughter are having a battle of the sexes sharing a bedroom. With the birth of their daughter Olivia, in March 2007, the Thomsons were left feeling cramped and overwhelmed. Will Hilary be able to expand and organize the Turners home to address their multiple needs, or will David be able to convince them to list and move to a home that offers them the much needed space they crave. Channel 4. Or will Davids spacious suburban options sweep Jacqueline right out of town? She has lived in Australia, England, California, and New York City. Can Hilary re imagine their living spaces enough to let this family write their next chapter here? A woman struggled with the layout of her husbands home from the start, and now with two kids, shes done with the dated and cramped space. Alice loves the lakeside location, while Desmond is desperate for more space for their family of five. Beauty expert Shana and amateur race car driver Jeremy got married and traded in their downtown condo for a 2,300 square foot rural home. But shes alone on this. In need of a bedroom for their toddler and a space for their teens, Vince is desperate to find more space to accommodate their large brood. Now that they are expecting their first child, Anne is ready to move to a new house, or back to a condo that does not have a long to do list. Will David move Frank out of his beloved neighbourhood? When Steven and Rita first purchased this 2000 square foot suburban home they were in full agreement that this was the house for their family, but only a few years and 2 kids later their home has become a battlefield fueled by frustration over its lack of function. April dislikes the dated fixtures and finishes, the cut off kitchen and how, Quincy and Don found their ranch house when they were raising Dons son. Laka and Gerard are really at a crossroads with very high stakes. Kevvie and Nicole bought their fantasy 70s style dream house only to find that dream full of problems. Catherine Nguyen. Samir still cannot believe their luck in finding a home in this location, but his wife Anu thinks they may have overlooked big issues in their rush to buy. Amanda and Grif purchased their home before starting their family. They bought a 1930s, ivy-covered Stephanie cant see anymore what this house has to offer, while Steven wants to stick to the plan. But after living in constant construction for several years, Emilee is ready to move. Calum and Rachel purchased their three bedroom semi in the city with the clear plan to add a second child to their family. Or will David find them the turnkey, family ready space that keeps them steps away from their popular restaurant? Can Hilary help this house live up to Dans dreams? Georgia and Steve are completely split when it comes to the future of their two story centrally located former triplex. Vince and Jennifer bought their home when it perfectly fit their family of five. Or will designer Hilary make daily life immeasurably easier by reinventing many of the homes hotly debated spaces? Katy was grateful for their purchase, but did not think they would spend more than a few years in the home. Danny knows they have a beautiful home in a sought after central neighborhood and is not giving it up without a fight. Lucky for them, Melissa found a foreclosure that was priced well under market value, Real Estate Broker, Aaron was always on the lookout for a perfect family house at a great price. No front hall closet makes for a cluttered entranceway, the closed-off-ness of the dining/kitchen area means that their daughters food allergies cannot be monitored when they are not in the room. A couple who loves to entertain enjoys living near her family, but their dated home desperately needs a facelift. Love It or List It Episodes. However, the family soon realized the duplex layout was not conducive to a single family. When Suzanne and McLean Wood found their urban home, they knew it was a diamond in the rough. We are a TV production company based in Toronto, Ontario behind the hit "Love It or List It" franchise. They moved in when they had two kids, but When their five year plan to live in their home turned into a decade, and the family expanded to include kids and a nanny, YJ and Michael became divided over their three bedroom home. Lifestyle Home. David must find a larger home within their budget that keeps them in their neighborhood, while Hilary needs to find a way to take some of the pressure off the rooms in their existing home. That's right, the series airs in Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina. Hilary works to create a more functional layout while David searches for a new house with an obstacle-free kitchen. Sadly, shortly after moving in the Kowaliks suffered a miscarriage and struggled ever since. When Jessica and Steve moved into their urban home nine years ago, the couple had more than enough space for Steves dozens of musical instruments. He has gone so far as to demo the bathroom to make her happy, but they havent been able to agree on a newfloor plan. Since moving in their family has grown to nine, but their house cannot grow with them. With its divided layout, lack of bedrooms and the most dysfunctional kitchen on the planet, Georgia is fed up. We see that every homeowner starts by not trusting Hilary's plan while the . Will David find them a home that will function forever or will Hilary make them fall in love by reinventing many of the homesfunctionally flawed spaces? She never wants to leave. Kevin. But Catherine loves this houseit is where she has fought and won the toughest battle of her life! Can Hilary redesign their space to make it work? Every episode has the same premise: a couple wants Hilary to renovate their home within their budget, while David shows them houses on the market. While their house always needed upgrades, in the past they have focused on the kids needs instead of their own, Steve and Theresa purchased a large, private lot and custom built their dream home together. While Jeremy loves the land and roomy garage fit for his race car, Shana is not so happy in this country cottage. Avid runners Trish and Brians latest home is not accommodating all to Brians vision and hearing based disabilities. them to buy their first house and put down roots. A decade after lawyer Alice and real estate agent Desmond bought their home off of builders plans, theyve become split down the middle. Tired of the limited space and sharing her bedroom and bathroom with the kids, Kim is ready to go, but Tyler wants to stay. Husband Bevin wants to move to the suburbs where he can live like a king! The ample space outside no longer makes up for the cramped quarters inside. Love It or List It is already a hugely successful global franchise, and the all-Australian version of the show teams up Lifestyle's much-loved real es . The private property sits on two acres of land and is an outdoor persons paradise. Jamelle loved the office/dropzone space off the garage, and all the potential the 2,500 square foot house had to offer them and their daughter. Hilary must pull off a major kitchen renovation and try to undo some seriously shoddy workmanship, while David must find a character home with a large yard within the same neighborhood. Now Hilary and David find themselves in the middle of a tug-o-war between Peters persistence to press on and Hollys designer desires for home. Can Hilary transform their basement to provide the much needed breathing space? In just a few short years, Jacquelines inherited, centrally located home has gone from housing one to a family of seven! The Hungs house needs a formidable face lift. Or will David coax Andrew away from his cramped quarters? Squeezing themselves into this already cramped conflict, Designer Hilary makes creative use of the extra spaces within their home, while Realtor David finds them houses with room for everyone. Upon arriving they discovered it was far smaller than the wide-angled real estate photos had suggested. The Kowaliks are now left with an abundance ofspace, not to mention rising costs. She is desperate for a life free of renovations while Aaron has grown attached to the space hes poured 10 years of blood, sweat and tears into. . Shelley and Michael are eco-friendly, expecting and locking horns about living in their pretty, yet impractical city home. Now its a race against time to create a residential renaissance that can please the entire family. Will Hilary be able to play referee and give the boys the space they need or will David show the McMinns a larger home that they cant resist? She has lived in Australia, California, England and New York City. With borderline budgets, and lofty lists, can Hilary bring back the love to make Ryan see a future here or will David save the day with a suitable family space? Taylor is a Hip Hop artist and Whitney has a vintage furniture rehab company and they both use the same cramped office, right next to their infant sons room. Blended family Sandra and Sharon are at odds over their bungalow. Now Hilary and David have five adults to please if they have any hope of keeping this family together. Love it or List it viewers slammed a Cheshire couple last night as 'dodgy actors' after spotting them appearing in an advert during one of the ad breaks. Launched in 2008, HGTV's Love It or List It continues to bring a unique aspect of competition to the venerable home-renovation genre on television. Sarah knows they need a bigger house while Andrew believes it can be made to fit their new needs. But soon everything changed for her, Vann and Caroline spent many years admiring a quaint house on the hill from just next door.