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I heard voices and I opened my eyes. Leo said. "Chase, come on. Get it over with". Using his bionic hearing has brought him some of the most entertaining moments of his life. I solved the problem! 12. Marcus went up to his room and pulled out his homework. My eyes filled with tears but I did not want my siblings to notice especially Daniel who was the new one so I ran outside without looking back. The poor guy was convinced he was just teaching some fight skills to the girl. (which involves a cheating prank from Kaz and a panickattack) Kaz thinking Chase cheated on him, when he catches Spike and Kate making out.The Elite Force even ends up confronting Donald on the toxic childhood of the labrats!Chase also comes home with a black eye after fighting a shapeshifter who pretented to be someone from the elite force!Spike even pretends to be Chase and dumps Kaz(!) Straight A's, Outstanding attendance and overall the smartest person in the town. Adam is injured when a mission goes viral and may never be able to be part of the team again. "What is that?" I wondered a I saw Bree holding a cake. Everyone turned evil and now Sebastian's new army is brutal and relentless. Therapy? The Lab Rats embark on a quest to stop Douglas from making Mia into his perfect Bionic-Nephilim soldier. Are you just trying to rub it in? Lab Rats | Chase Davenport | Fanfiction Romance Humor Lab Rats. I opened my eyes and noticed 6 six figures looking at me. "Kaz i'm serious, take a step back right now!" I plead. Then, the smoke came. Even with Rodissius down, his children the evil shapeshifters have defeated the Elite Force and stolen the list of the names of every superhero. Follow/Fav Sick . Bree asked, panic in her voice. He never thought he'd be the kind of person to beg someone to stay, but then again he kind of did so to Stefanie in highschool too. I know right! Lab Rats, 2012 - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 9 - Words: 8,627 - Reviews: 146 - Favs: 112 - Follows: 47 - Updated: 4/23/2014 - Published: 4/19/2014 - Adam . I am not your baby. Brother. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (6), Adam Davenport/Bree Davenport/Chase Davenport (2), Bree Davenport/Original Female Character(s) (1), Adam Davenport/Bree Davenport/Chase Davenport, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Warning Sex do not read if you don't like, i seem to write fic for non-existent fandoms. March 2024. Unwanted. I looked everywhere on the east until I saw a body on the bottom. "I do! 21. Kaz and Oliver blush as the others start laughing again. Bianca Andrews is Leo's best friend. Or so they thought. disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters only the story and I have not seen every episode, but it takes place after the showdown wi Two days. You just really liked her touching you??!". Anyway, I sat there for half hour staring at a boat. 18. Spike activates in school and does a lot of questionable things, and so does Adam in stopping him. The fear of falling apart." Chase furiously ran a hand through his hair as they returned from yet again another mission. Bree Davenport is one of three main protagonists of the Lab Rats franchise. #lab It's okay Chase. I can't keep coming up with excuses. Within seconds, Chase was doubled over, coughing. Adam & Noor adam, chase, labrats. "Donnie. Apart from that I am okay." Daniel. Where did he go? "What are you talking about Chase? ", "You're getting rid of all the witnesses! me. As their relationship deepens, roller coaster emotions and drama ensure. He said hang up quickly. 2. ], So much rides on a simple lighting symbol. Get notified when One Second Too Late- Lab Rats One-Shot is updated. What happens if the davenport siblings had a gc? I'll work on that though.". Adam, it's Bree. Alienated. "ADAM!" But will sh A Lab Rats Fan Fiction By: ninjagofanfoeva. Anyways, just say the word if you'd like me to put you're boyfriend through a wall. Adam finds Chase and Chase finds Adam, although none of them ever thought it'd be here, surrounded by cracked faux leather seats and rich coffee smells and posters of the Eiffel Tower. The three are taken to a government testing facility.). read and find out!!! Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. Figures. whipped, Skylar comments leaning on Bree. from the story Scars of the Past--- A Lab Rats Elite Force Fanfiction by loVer6666 (b R i A n N a) with 760 reads. Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,443 - Published: Dec 27, 2022. Lab Rats (TV 2012), Lab Rats: Elite Force (TV) Teen And Up Audiences. Chase knows what a bed is, of course he does. Bree, Chase, Adam, and Leo were at school when they got a mission alert. "What is that?" Chase was far to calm about all of this in Kaz' opinion. Bree nodded her head and texted Adam. "Adam. "He is not breathing. Worst case in this doomsday scenario, we must have plans in place to take each and every one of us down, should the day come.". 3.7K 64. by Witchkitty688. I'm fine, i swear.". Fanfiction Romance Fan Lab Rats Love Chase Davenport. "How badly did he hurt you?". What will they do? "We always mock him and complain about him. If it hadn't been for Spike's bionic hearing, he probably would have never figured out how truly toxic Sebastian was. Kaz screaming was a bit much, and so was Chase grabbing the massive throw blanket the two had over them over their heads. Bree laughed, then Skylar and Bree sped away, with Chase on Bree's back. Youdo you really think that all youre worth is mission leader? Kaz asks, and theres something hesitant in his voice that Chase cant read. TWs are included in that and the notes(FYI NO you don't have to read my rewrite to read this lmao), A clock ticks. :D), Chase Davenport has been missing for four months. Bree screamed. Reads. optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. Something woke me up. In which a secret superhuman befriends three teen bionic heroes. He cant believe it. What if Chase died and came back? :). " Everything else that happens is completely different, so if you've read this, the other fanfic will still surprise you! "You what?? I promise. A 14 year old girl who is best friends with Leo Dooley and lives with him and his mum after her parent's death. It was so peaceful in contrast to my life. Chase Davenport Needs a Hug. "Kaz, you basically called h.. me a hoe and a cheater and a liar and god knows what else.". "Oh and do me a favour, don't bring this conversation up again". Action Fanfiction Romance Disney Xd Chase Davenport Kaz Oliver Lab Rats Lab Rats Elite Force. And people weren't buying it. Adam exclaimed. Please consider turning it on! "I never had a birthday party." Spike&Chase explained She is the sister of Adam Davenport, Chase Davenport, Leo Dooley, Daniel Davenport, and Naomi Davenport. Mr. Davenport said and everyone exited the room. My brother started coughing and spitting water out of his mouth. As soon as my vision was cleared, I smiled at them. "Kaz, ofcourse i still want to be your boyfriend. Please consider turning it on! He let his insecurities get the best of him this one time, and now it was going to cost him everything. Spike turned around, left the room and heard Kaz whisper. Action Adam Bree Chase Leo Marcus Androids Davenport Lab Rats Bionics Mateus Ward. You do know that right?". ?, chase brings home reese and kaz wants answers. There was no one to help me. Jesus Christ you guys The Daven twin swap! His whole life changed when he found a girl shoved in a locker. Spike would like to believe that, but he heard what he heard. "I'm pretty sure my arm is broken." To make things worse family drama rises between the davenports. Read Hurt from the story Lab rats-hurt by Alivia1234567891011 (LloydAndKai) with 99 reads. It's okay Chase. This was better then having to watch Chase fade away in to a broken boy again. You need to listen to people and their AUs before you judge. lab rats chase gets hurt fanfiction. Little do they know that more evil is lurking then they could ever imagine Chase was always the responsible from all 4 kids.When Tasha and Davenport leave the house for a few days something happens to Chase .Now the other 3 kids have to show responsability and fix the problem before the adults come back. My older brother complained. He grabs his tea, because someone told him he wasn't allowed to drink cafene at 9pm! Dump him, Kaz and Chase have their first fight. "Right, i'm sure he d- i mean i do. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. However it didn't take long for Spike's attitude to change completley. I cant believe this, shes saying, Im going to wreck him. Hey, so in case there was any confussion. !Then everyone screamed Then Adam brought chase up to the air and through him across the room all the way toured the hydro loop and chase crashed into itChases pov Adam has just thrown me across the room and I just crashed into the hydro loop and and usually when Adam throws me I usually get a few bruises and scratches but this time my knee start to hurt really bad and I couldn't get up and then the knee pain starts to hurt like I was just stabbed in the heart so I scream in pain End pov Back in the training area before chase screamed Everyone was looking at the door where Adam through chase and Adam was smiling Everyone was waiting for chase to come through the door but then Chase: OWWWWWWW!!!! Adam, Chase and Bree face their new problems, and Crane has escaped from a high protected prison. Lab Rats: Elite Force Season 2 by imjustmorgen reviews. "Adam please stop! Chase is a trans girl and Adam just found out.Discontinued, There are certain moments in Lab Rats and Mighty Med that I am not content with so I changed themEnjoy. That was so cute, I have to see it again!. Before we fall into the sea, Bree and Leo told us to be careful. Spike defends Kaz How could they not invite me to my own birthday party? Sometimes if he stays awake, they leave him alone. Chases smile grew and he started bouncing, Douglas and I built something that is really really awesome and we want to show you guys! Ew just the thought of it makes him want to bust Sebastian out of jail and put his head through a wall. "Shhhhh" Leo says. Spike walked in to Kaz and Oliver's room. I blew the candles and we all gave a big hug! Spike had to bite his lip so he didn't gag at the nickname. "Douglas destroyed the most important thing to Big D, and now he was going to get Adam, Bree, and Chase. A teenage boy with amnesia sitting in a mental hospital waiting for his family to find him is where it begins. For the first time since I came here, Adam seemed so panicked. Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), Trigger warnings posted at the beginning of every chapter, Kaz Has ADHD (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force). This is where chase made them mess up on a mission and Adam and Bree both start bullying him. Comeon man even a blind person could see that Chase had no intrest in that girl whatsoever. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits, I don't think Brase is Incest. (Part 2) Sure, Chase didn't see signs that they looked for him, but he didn't need them, right? [Part Two] Will they ever escape the horrendous life that they've been living? "Bree! Please tell me you're not really him (Chase's b You like disrespecting your boyfriend?!" This is the story of kick and Brase. There is no pulse." Skylar and Bree just wanted to go on a walk together at night with some light shopping. After they have their first fight!! "He fucking better be, or all the therapy in the world can't save you from getting murdered by me", Chase half heartedly joked. The drama appears to be a fight between Chase and Kaz, all the way down in mission command. "Don't- Don't call h.. me that", Spike snapped. leodooley; breedavenport; labratsfanfiction +9 more # 10. No answer came so I panicked. I lowkey can't believe i wrote this lmao. He just looks so peaceful when he sleeps!. Maddie's parents divorced when she was very young, so she's been living with her father ever since. Spike snapped. This is the third story! He picked me up and threw me across the room almost breaking my arm. it's not tagged as a ship bc I mostly grew out of that ship??? He is the smartest of the four super humans. I picked it up and figured out that it was a mobile phone and I turned it on. Kaz awkwardly stood up and Oliver shrieked practically flying out of the room. whipped, Skylar comments leaning on Bree. Kaz angrily yelled. Now everyone knew. "If it was not for Daniel, you would be dead." He thought with Douglas locked up, he has one less thing to worry ab kidnapped and bionic danger( a lab rats story), Living with Bionic Evil (Lab Rats Fanfiction), The Mission We Can't Return From (Lab Rats Fanfic), Pain & Glitches Part 2: Glitches (Lab Rats Fanfic). hyperlift But the greatest kind of heroes can . SO ADORABLE! They both say in unison, causing the others to sigh. The subject of their conversation being Chase. Oliver still couldn't help but want to laugh at their antics, but Skylar has just walked into the penthouse looking exhausted.". ' While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "Okay, well byee!" Oh who was he kidding, they were always on, atleast when it came down to Chase. Spin gets awoken on his fourteenth birthday by the Davenport family who have decided to give the young spinning bionic boy his first proper birthday, with one of the Davenport's very focused on his happiness. Spike hears it all go down with his bionic hearing. Will the Villainous Five choose the path of goodness or evil? Wait wait wait, Bree laughs, holding her hand out to stop the others from talking, so you guys like the way he looks when hes asleep?. "Chase, are you sure we can keep this bunddle of agression over here alone with Kaz after y'all just had your first fight? Sure rising your voice at someone isn't a mature thing to do. devona strange can the occipital lobe repair itself gaf timberline shingles recall general motors cost leadership strategy oldham police station number Even though I did not know him, I cared. "No, you don't get to make excuses for treating like trash," he shouts. "You completely disregarded my . You need to listen to people and their AUs before you judge. I said with tears in the eyes. But Kaz probably didn't expect Spike to pretend to be Chase, so he figured he wouldn't realize it. So uhm.. we're good?". I thought you were just a little overwelmed and i listened immidiaetly, i always respect your boundaries. He convinces his creator to kidnap Chase making the Lab Rats fight to get him back. Leo and Adam were hanging out with the rest of the team as they had come to visit for the week. -Adam He did the same thing. (It's not like Kaz had called him useless or had thrown him in to a wall *cough Adam* cough). ! Please let me know! His voice sounded strange to Spike, almost as if he was trying not to start begging for forgiveness. If he doesn't pass with flying colors. I sat on a rock looking at the ocean. Chase tells him all the time, that his bionic hearing is supposed to only be used to keep him and his team safe and during battles and stuff. WARNING:this fic contained age regression as a coping mechanism, if that isn't your thing please do not read, What the title and tags say :)I will take requests if I feel inspired by them <3. "Oh, sorry, i- right that makes sense, okay.. this is awkward. Androids werent supposed to have feelings. Needless to say Chase's tips never stopped him. I fell into deep sleep. "LEO!' In a matter of seconds, all my siblings were there. For the real life pairing of Spencer Boldman and Billy . How far would you go, to save a life? His entire body was practically vibrating with happiness. Chase Davenport has been missing for four months. Leo was asleep on the couch while the others were trying to be quiet while talking. Maybe it was just that he never thought he'd need to convince Chase to stay with him (after one dang argument). Just leave him alone." -Bree I stepped back. ", "I think you know what that's supposed to mean.". My boyfriend went flying Spike is minding his business, when his bionic hearing catches some faint yelling. So maybe there is hope after all Adam fears what will happen if they fail. Chase Davenport. Will they ever find out if Jasmin is on their side? Cue chaos.Aka Chase being a fucking savage, Bree making bad decisions, everyone simping, and confusion, tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (207), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types (7), Kaz (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force) (224), Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force) (196), Chase Davenport/Original Female Character(s) (45), Kaz & Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force) (29), Marcus Davenport/Original Female Character(s) (27), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (75), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD (25), Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), Trigger warnings posted at the beginning of every chapter, Kaz Has ADHD (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), you'll never treat yourself right (but I want you to), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Disney & Nickelodeon Imagines / One Shots, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, Bree Davenport & Chase Davenport & Kaz & Oliver & Skylar Storm, Giselle Vickers & Victor Krane & Marcus Davenport & Sebastian, and a simultaneous background for Krane's group, I mean all four of the krane group are fucked up and evil omgggg, chaz is very awkward and new good for them, Gay Kaz (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), even though neither have a damn clue how their own gayness works, Kaz & Oliver (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force), Chase Davenport/Original Female Character(s), (only canon divergence because some goofs think douglas used his own dna to create the rats), he may be a DILF but he ain't dad material, Adam Davenport/Sakura Snowflower (Original Character), The Annihilator/Original Character (past relationship), Also lots of dopplegangers who are either a big family or strangers, has a bit of crossover mention with Avatar: The Last Airbender, the only character cameoing is Hama from The Puppeteer episode, Horace Diaz and Bridgette are Oliver's parents, no Horace won't be Alan's biological uncle here, Marcus Davenport/Original Female Character(s), Marcus Didn't Know That He Was An Android, Hold on to your butts because it's going to get weird, They have family issues that they need to work out, there's a good bit of action in later chapters, I don't own anything but I sure wish I did, The story is better than the summary I swear, her fight and fury is fiery (oh but she loves like sleep to the freezing), (mentioned) Leo Dooley/Taylor (but with a twist), Chase Davenport & Bree Davenport & Kaz & Skylar Storm & Oliver, Gamma Girl/Violet Flame II | Solar Flare II (Mighty Med), Violet Flame II | Solar Flare II (Mighty Med), things have taken a sharp turn into uh-ohville lol, get in bitches we're going to traumatize kidssssss.